Parish of St. Lawrence


The settlement of Lipovac was named after a linden tree. In the form of Lypowcz it was recorded in 1484 when it belonged to the town of Morović. It is located south of Nijemci, on flat ground on the left side of the river Bosut. There are many different opinions about the Lipovac Parish in the Middle Ages. In 1789, according to the regulation of the parish, Lipovac separated from Morović and a new parish was founded, and its first pastor was the Franciscan Leopold Janković from Slavonski Brod. It first belonged to the Posavina Deanery, and in 1928 it belonged to the Tovarnik Deanery. It was later annexed to the Kukujevac Deanery. In 1998, the parish of St. Lawrence belonged to the Otok Deanery. The parish church in Lipovac is dedicated to Saint Lawrence, a martyr born in Spain. In 1755 in Lipovac was the chapel of St. Lawrence of the Martyrs, built of wood. The new church began to be built in 1808 in the spirit of late Baroque classicism. The church was completed in 1812. Not far from Lipovac is the church of St. Luke, Lučica, where the Mother of God Lučica is worshiped. In the past, the parishes in Lipovac belonged to Apševci and Batrovci, and today Apševci and Podgrađe. In 1738, the people of Apševci belonged to the parish in Mala Vašica, from which they were a 2-hour walk away. In 1755, the people of Apševci belonged to the parish in Nijemci, and from 1784 until today they belong to the parish of Lipovac. In 1805, a branch Catholic church of St. Elijah the Prophet was built in Apševci.. In Podgrađe, there is a branch Catholic church dedicated to Saint Simon and Judas Thaddeus.


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