Bicycle routes


Riding a bike on old roads is an attraction. Fresh air, nature and fabulous feeling of riding from point A to point B with your own strength give this adventure a special charm. Ride in your own pace allows you break for taking the most beautiful photos.

Bicycle route Syrmia connects southern area of the Vukovar-Srijem county with its south-eastern part, and it also connects to the existing international Danube bicycle route, a part of Eurovelo 6. The route passes through Nijemci from the direction Otok-Komletinci and then towards Tovarnik and Ilok. Syrmia route will completely show you the area you are riding through, it passes through inhabited settlements, forest and fields. While on the route you can visit numerous tourist attractions listed on the map. The route is not too demanding, and it gives you an abundance of experiences.

Highly recommended! Be sure to visit the Sopotac excursion site, which also includes the Birdwatching Center. From the Sopotac excursion site, continue along the arable land towards Donje Novo Selo and finish your cycling adventure again in Nijemci. This route is equipped with more rest areas.

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