Take a carriage ride through the Syrmian plain or even better, enjoy the nature and untouched landscape of this area.

Horse Ride in Syrmia is another place you must visit in Nijemci. A small stable for six horses will attract fans of these animals that have marked the long history of Syrmia.

If you like horseback riding, come to Nijemci. Syrmier are experienced riders, and the tradition of riding and breeding horses has remained to this day. Horseback riding is part of folklore, there is no event without riders, and a large number of Syrmian people still have horses. “Carnival riding” is still cherished here, which delights tourists. It is an impressive sight to see about forty riders passing through the streets on ornate horses with song and tambourines.

If you are an experienced rider, you will take the equestrian trail that leads from the HORIS barn (Horse Ride in Syrmia) to the Sopotac picnic area. Sit comfortably in the carriage and enjoy the nature, the beauty of the Syrmian plain and its benefits.


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