Church of St. Catherine


The Parish church of St. Catherine, built on the bank of the river Bosut, on extremely beautiful ancient locality Gradina, with exemplary preserved trench, is a very important cultural-historical monument. It was built in the 14th century. 

According to archaeological research the church had its Romanic predecessor. It was located on the place of the present church. Below the present floor there were two floor levels discovered, in the right corner under the apse there are the remnants of the Roman architecture. The tombs in lines from the Bijelo brdo culture and the remnants of the monumental construction from even earlier phase were discovered during the excavation works. It is very probable that the builders of the first church were from the LOTHARD family, which owned the village at that time.

The second (present) church was built at the beginning of the 15th century in Gothic style. The Gothic church was located on the tombs from the Bijelo brdo culture, and the area around it functioned even later in the late medieval times as the local cemetery. Besides that, it is presumed that on this spot, in the present centre of the village Nijemci, there was a medieval fortress and marketplace Nijemci.

The third alteration of the church was in Baroque time. It was conducted by the priests who served at that time in Nijemci, don Luka and Andrija Natali. It happened during the 18th century and the church remained as such until today. 

The church was destroyed during the war, but it was renewed after the war. 


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