River Bosut and river Spačva


River Bosut flows through the area of the Municipality Nijemci through the settlements Nijemci, Podgrađe, Apševci and Lipovac, and the inhabitants have always lived and worked near the river and from the river Bosut. Rich in flora and fauna, it additionally enriches the beauty of the area near the river. Due to its tame course it is suitable for all types of vessels. River Bosut is rich in freshwater fish and therefore a favorite among the anglers. It is said that the ancient Romans used to say that in their empire they have a river that flows to one side in the morning and to the other in the afternoon, and it refers to Bosut, which sometimes flows so calmly that even a small wind blows water in one direction or another.

River Spačva flows through the Spačva pool, the largest complete oak tree forest. Spačva is, next to Bosut, extremely important for irrigation and keeping of oak forest, as the oak demands a large quantity of water. It is very rich in fish what both the anglers and nature lovers appreciate. The area around Spačva river is wetland which is favorable for oak tree and many fish types (carp, perch, pike, catfish) and it is their natural hatchery.


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