Birdwatching Center


The Birdwatching Center Nijemci is located in several locations that you must visit in Nijemci even if you are not a fan of this hobby.

Experienced bird watchers say that more species of birds can be seen in one hour in Nijemci than in other places in a few days. GAK, yellow, gray and white heron, black and white stork, bald eagle, spoonbill, black hawk, waterfowl, bream…, are just some of the birds in the Syrmian plain.

If you love nature, visit the Arboretum on the Bosut coast in the center of Nijemci and discover what a traditional Syrmian garden looks like. Gazebos, benches, a well, pergolas – the right place to relax, enjoy, socialize and watch birds, but also a good start to your tourist route in Nijemci. You can reach the Sopotac excursion site, the second point of the Birdwatching Center Nijemci, by land and water. If you are an active type, you will enjoy a walk or a bike ride, and if you want to sail a peaceful Bosut, the choice will fall on a boat or a boat St. Catherine.

Located near the forest, surrounded by arable land, farms and the river, Sopotac is an ideal place to escape from everyday life. Here you can grill, fish and of course watch the birds, and your children will enjoy playing on the themed playground.

From Nijemci to Sopotac, there is a thematic-information trail with 30 panels and six smart benches. You will find out that there are more than 80 species of birds in the area of ​​the Municipality of Nijemci, and if you want to try your hand at observation, binoculars, telescopes and manuals are available. Who knows, maybe you too will love this increasingly popular activity that calms and relaxes. 


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