About the Municipality


The Municipality Nijemci is situated in the north-east of the Vukovar-Srijem County, which is traditionally called Syrmia. The municipality with its seat in Nijemci includes the area and settlements: Nijemci, Đeletovci, Donje Novo Selo, Apševci, Lipovac, Podgrađe, Vinkovački Banovci and Banovci. On the eastern side it borders with the Municipality Tovarnik and the Republic of Serbia, on the northern side with Municipalities Tompojevci and Stari Jankovci, on the western side with the Town of Otok, and on the southern side with the Municipalities Vrbanja and Bošnjaci.

With its area of 223.81 km² the Municipality Nijemci is the largest unit of local self-government in the Vukovar-Srijem county which takes 9,16% of the area in the county. The area of the Municipality Nijemci is characterised by mostly agricultural surfaces and a smaller part of forest area (Spačva pool). The most significant river flows with its tributaries are the rivers Bosut and Spačva.

The area of the Municipality Nijemci is situated in the north-east part of the Vukovar-Srijem County along the border with Serbia. The area of the Municipality stretches from the state border with Serbia, to the north and the south of the motorway A3 – Bregana -Zagreb -Lipovac. On the north it stretches from the localities Kratište and Dubrava, to the north from the main railroad MG2 (Savski Marof – state border – Zagreb – Sisak – Novska – Vinkovci – Tovarnik – state border) and to the north to the localities Somovac and Neprečava. The western border of the Municipality goes from the south along the watercourse of Studva, Ljubanj, Spačva and Brežnica, and county road Ž4229 and along the forest paths and canals along the western edge of the South and East Gradina to Bradarice.

The territorial cohesion of the settlement in the Municipality Nijemci was enabled primarily by the state roads D57 (Vukovar – Nijemci – Lipovac) and D46  (Đakovo – Vinkovci -Tovarnik). The county roads Ž4225 and Ž4224 enable the connection to the major traffic route – state road D57 with Đeletovci, and state road D46 via local road L46032 with Vinkovački Banovci. The major traffic route, state road D57, is the basic connection to the state road D4 (border with Slovenia Bregana – Zagreb – Slavonski  Brod – border crossing Bajakovo, i.e. road A3 (Bregana – Zagreb – Lipovac)  to the south towards Zagreb or border crossing Bajakovo and to the north towards Vinkovci.


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