,,Beautiful is the gilded Syrmia”


“Divan je kićeni Srijem” is a central manifestation which connects the Croats of Syrmia from both sides of the border. The manifestation nourishes traditional culture, folklore heritage and the identity of the Wester Syrmia.

The holders of the cultural manifestation are folklore associations of our municipality which try hard to preserve the cultural heritage of our region and raise new generations on values of cultural civilisation of our time. Besides traditional events, the manifestation also includes many sports activities such as international football tournament, shooting competition in the trap and many more.

The manifestation « Beautiful is the gilded Syrmia » tries to present the guests the best national qualities of traditional and contemporary life and induce/awake the impression of own origin. At the same time this manifestation is an opportunity for exchange of economic and tourist experience, but also a chance for creation of a new perspective of rural tourism. Inhabitants of Syrmia and Slavonia from both sides of the border have their similarities and singularities. 


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