Nijemci today


The municipality of Nijemci with its eight villages, Lipovac, Apševci, Podgrađe, Nijemci, Đeletovci, Banovci, Vinkovački Banovci and Donje Novo Selo is located in the so-called the Syrmian triangle that intersects the rich forests and rivers Bosut and Spačva along and across.

The post-war years also had consequences for the number of inhabitants in the municipality. Thus, according to the last census, in 2011 there were a total of 4,705 inhabitants in the municipality of Nijemci. There are primary schools from 1st to 8th grade in the settlements of Nijemci and Lipovac. Banovci, Đeletovci, Donje Novo Selo, Podgrađe and Apševci have regional schools.

In the area of ​​the Municipality, work is being done on the construction and renovation of infrastructure.

In recent years, the municipality of Nijemci has turned to continental tourism, expanding and enriching its tourist offer through various projects. The biological diversity of Vukovar-Srijem County and the continental part of Croatia has a lot to offer to its visitors. In addition to river tourism, the area of ​​the municipality is turning to equestrian tourism, which plans to diversify its offer. The process of turning tourism into the main economic branch of the Municipality of Nijemci is a long and long way, but they are quietly building their new future and developing step by step.

The area of ​​the Municipality is characterized by the largest part of agricultural and forest area, and the largest part of the population is engaged in agricultural activities.


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